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...very talented, dedicated, efficient, and professional. Would highly recommend!
— E.M., client since 2012
We just needed a reliable & dedicated company that we could entrust our website to. We found them! Fancy Falcon is the best at what they do.
— C.S., client since 2011


Light as a cloud

Are you fully benefiting from cloud technologies or do you just smile and nod when someone starts talking about the "all-elusive cloud"? Make your work and business more efficient, secure, and convenient with proven, cost-effective cloud solutions. We'll help choose the right one and never leave your side!

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Easy consultations

Whether you're ready to take the next step or just ready to learn about the steps -we're experts in web system upgrades, maintenance, cost reduction, & answering your web questions. We always provide options and start every project by giving you FREE consultation advice we've learned through years in the industry.

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Your wish...

No job is too small! Existing website management, online payment integrations, social marketing, email systems, tech projects - we're happy to apply some elbow grease in a variety of web systems and projects. We also have an extensive network of trusted referral partners standing at the ready!

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No contracts. No gimmicks. Afforable hourly rates.

You may not be surprised to learn the the U.S. economy is by no means dominated by giant corporations. According to the U.S. SBA, 99 percent of all independent companies in the country employ fewer than 500 people and small businesses account for 55 percent of all U.S. jobs! This means that small businesses are the force that drive the American economy. However, small businesses are in a bit of a technology pickle.

You need to focus on what makes your company profitable and you don't have the consistent need or budget to add a dedicated web employee. But that doesn't mean your technology needs just disappear. Websites still need updating, cloud backups still need to run uninterrupted, and email systems need maintaining.

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...very easy to work with, follows up and makes sure you are happy with [the] work.
— L.M., client since 2012

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We're web technology experts.

From occasional website updates to system overhauls & migrations, from company email systems to cloud backups. Let us manage the systems so you don't have to!

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(We even love processing your weekly blog posts and PR statements, nothing is too small!)