You refer, we reward. Simple.

it's NOt rocket science

You know us (or at least we assume you do) and if you're thinking about referring someone else, you must like us.

That makes us happy. Mostly because nearly all our business is by word-of-mouth referrals.

When you make us happy, we like to return that happy by sending you a coffee!


The fine print here is that we don't just hand out rewards till the cows come home. But rewards overall are pretty easy to achieve. It doesn't matter to us if you refer through email or Facebook posts or Twitter tweets or Instagram posts or text or snail mail (did we miss any?)...

  1. You refer someone to us through a mutual introduction (or they tell us [your name] referred them)
  2. Your referral likes us so much they order our services (and why wouldn't they)
  3. We perform said services, we get paid, you get rewarded (see, it is as easy as 1-2-3)

We typically send a gift card worth a % of what your referral paid us. You'll probably get a note from us asking if theres a particular company you like gift cards from, but we're preferential to Starbucks and Amazon and iTunes/Google Play.

There is probably more legal fine print needed here, but we'll suffice to say that this program can change or end at any time, without notice. Whether a referral is eligible, the final reward amount, and the reward designation are at the sole discretion of our management.


Where do I send someone to learn about you?

Great question!

We have a few pages on our site that would be applicable, but one of the best pages to share is our Web Administrator page.