You're a small business and you need a web manager.
A one-stop, full service web guru.

You're a small business and cannot afford dedicated web staff: good thing there's Fancy Falcon!

Web administrator, manager , IT guy... call it what you want, they all do similar things. Chances are, though, you don't have one on staff (and why would your CPA office or family law practice need one?)

Maybe you already have a website you love, but it needs some content updates. Or maybe you definitely do not love your site, it's tired and needs new life. Maybe you even spent thousands having a whole new website built and after months of waiting and back-and-forth, it's live! Now you just need someone to make occasional updates and charge you only for the work they do (unless you like pre-buying 30 hours of monthly support.)

What about online PPC campaigns or starting that email marketing list you've always thought was a good idea?

Maybe you already have company email addresses, but three people left and two new people are starting next week. Do you have the time to manage yet ANOTHER thing?


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...very talented, dedicated, efficient, and professional. Would highly recommend!
— E.M., client since 2012


Systems Management

Whether it's time for a change or you like what you have and just need someone to manage & maintain, we're pros at WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, SquareSpace, domains, Google Apps, email, file sharing, FTPs, intranets, CRMs, and more.


Migrate & Convert

Maybe you're tired of how your website looks. Or, is your site lacking a mobile version? We're well-versed in saving money while making your website do its job. Flat HTML to flowing CMS, aged & dated to 2015 - migrations are our middle name.


Company Email Systems

If you like using for your business, that's cool. But did you know a custom domain ( is very affordable... and your business cards & flyers will be so much happier advertising your name to everyone.


No Job Too Small...

You have wishes and we love taking commands. Graphic design, online payments, social marketing, hosting, domain acquisition, cloud technology, project management - we're happy to apply some elbow grease and get things done!

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[FF] consistently produces professional, quality work on time and is great to work with!
— L.R., client since 2012

We're web technology experts.

From occasional website updates to system overhauls & migrations, from company email systems to cloud backups. Let us manage the systems so you don't have to. We even love processing your weekly blog posts and PR statements; nothing is too small!

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You know what you do best.

We hardly know anything about selling homes or building closets, let alone water pipes and car transmissions ...but then again, that isn't our job. Our job is to help alleviate the stress of managing a small business in the 21st century.

99% of companies cannot survive without a website, and nearly 100% of companies have competition. Spend your time worrying about your clients and keeping their business and we'll worry about your web systems for you.

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We just needed a reliable & dedicated company that we could entrust our website to. We found them! Fancy Falcon is the best at what they do.
— C.S., client since 2011

We're a small family business, too.


Fancy Falcon is just one part of a larger, family-owned company dedicated to making small businesses successful. Chances are, you found us because of an online link or referral from a friend. Based in sunny San Diego, our business derives almost completely from referrals and word-of-mouth advertising, so even if you're not in need of our services, please share this page with your friends and business colleagues. We offer referral rewards, too!