Small businesses account for 55 percent of all U.S. jobs.
— US Small Business Administration

it's a math class word problem

You may not be surprised to learn that the U.S. economy is by no means dominated by giant corporations. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, or SBA, 99 percent of all independent companies in the country employ fewer than 500 people and these small businesses account for 55 percent of all U.S. jobs! There is something like 20 million Americans that work for companies employing fewer than 20 workers. This means that small businesses are the force that drive the American economy. However, small businesses are in a bit of a technology pickle!

How is your “3 man & a van" moving team supposed to compete with larger companies that can afford to have dedicated IT staff to manage all this technology that is sustaining our 21st century consumers? How can your second-hand bookstore keep customers from moving to the mammoth global booksellers? How can your company afford to have attractive, efficient and affordable backend and customer-facing technology solutions to retain current clients and win over new ones?

You know you need websites and email systems and social networks and email marketing and everything else ...but HOW? It's so much it can make your mind blow!

How is our operation supposed to thrive in a world where technology is leading existing and potential customers to bigger organizations with more resources?

The answer is actually simple

Your answer is probably to head down to the local Starbucks, grab a grande latte (no foam, extra hot, two pumps of hazelnut), and take a gander over the expenses for the past 6 months and the budget for the next 6. You just can’t find a single line item that can be reattributed to an eCommerce Manager, IT Support person, or any other sort of tech focused staff; there is zero extra income for a new, regular employee. But you're not ready to retire yet (you may be 45, but you don’t look a day over 27). You still desperately need an inexpensive technology service to stay in the game and help you get an email newsletter started.

Luckily, there’s Fancy Falcon. We're what you need. We have the experience you'd be looking for in a dedicated staff member, range of services to make us the one-stop-shop with monthly fees starting as low as that latte you're sipping and one-time fees as low as buying a new coffee maker. Honestly, we're exactly what you're looking for: the effort and work of an employee without the cost!

It's in the family

Fancy Falcon was started in 2012 as the solution to an ever expanding question for small businesses: “How are we supposed to thrive in a world where technology is taking existing and potential customers to bigger organizations with more resources?”

Fancy Falcon has one goal: create a service that can replace the need for a dedicated web manager & dissolve the technology stress in family businesses, small corporations, home-run blogs, and start-ups.

In late 2014, Fancy Falcon became part of the K&KW Group, Inc.: a San Diego based, family owned and operated company since 1984, dedicated to making life easier through reImagination.

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